Who We Are

 MMADU is an attainable US-based womenswear brand imagined and designed by a Nigerian-American designer.

Our Vision

 With a unique focus on representing the  Igbo language, we aim to create bold and stunning designs that demonstrate our commitment to imaginative fashion. From beautiful prints, eye-catching silhouettes, sexy cutouts, and unique patterns, MMADU is dedicated to helping you elevate your style with practical but unique pieces.

Behind The Name

Chinelo: My mother’s maiden name, “Maduwuba”, was my inspiration in naming the label. With the name “Maduwuba”, I dropped "wuba" , leaving MADU, and added another M at the beginning to bring even more meaning to the Label's name.

In Igbo, MMADU means “human being”. But it is derived from two words, namely MMA (beauty) and NDU (life), so it also doubles to mean "the beauty of life".